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A Guide to Get You Started in the Domain Name Flipping Business

There are an estimated 4.1 million active internet users today. For an entrepreneur, these figures could be motivation enough to get you started in a lucrative business venture online; such as flipping domain names. Rest assured this is a great way to make money and generate traffic in the process when you get the basics right. The reason for this is because people are always looking for a domain name that will match their brand’s purpose. Check out this article to learn how to get started in domain name buying and selling.

To get started, you must look beyond the popular “.com” domain extensions. For starters, how about you think beyond the usual “.com” domain name extension and think outside the box? No doubt there are so many extensions to choose from when thinking beyond .com? Most people begin their business using an extension that is specific to local SEO. A good example is to use an extension that has “.us” if you are targeting the US market.

The second tip you might want to lay much emphasis on is to find a lucrative domain name niche. You will appreciate the need for selecting a specific niche when you start to do SEO for your newly acquired domains. It would be best to have a portfolio of websites that are on a specific niche to make your optimization efforts easier. Since most people today love associating with in-demand site names, it would do you good to focus on buying and selling of only in-demand domains. It is also highly advisable that you find a niche that you truly love so you can give it your all.

The other critical aspect of your business is to look for the right keywords that are more SEO value. The sole reason for this is to boost traffic to your sites. The best approach here would be to measure the number of searches a particular domain name keyword receives in a month. This you can do with tools such as Niche Finder Software and Google Keyword Planner. The best keywords are those that have at least 10,000 searches a month.

People today like associating themselves with memorable business names; not those complex ones with numbers and hyphens and parenthesis And last but not least, this service can only be a success when you make a budget and stick to it. The best approach is to test the waters first by starting small, then expanding your investment portfolio when you learn the ins and outs of the business.

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